Latvian Racket! Urgent warning against the new AktienPros broker scam!

investor warning against AktienPros
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Today, the 1k Daily Profits fraud campaign is hunting for new victims for broker scam AktienPros a/k/a AktienPros Capital Markets. The scam is likely to be relatively new on the market and apparently a successor of the disappeared Triton a/k/a Triton Capital Markets broker scam operated by the Latvian Racket. Anyway, a Triton Capital Markets email address and phone number are given for support. Stay far away, save your money and misuse your data. AktienPros attacks German-speaking consumers.

Key data

Trading nameAktienPros
AktienPros Capital Markets
Related scamsTriton Capital Markets
Related cybercrime organizationLatvian Racket
Legal entitynot disclosed
Corporate advisorsnot disclosed
Jurisdictionnot disclosed
[email protected]
Facilitated by1k Daily Profits

Read our reports on Triton Capital Markets here.

We have exposed a number of Latvian perpetrators behind the Latvian Racket in recent weeks thanks to our whistleblowers. Most recently, there has also been an Action Day coordinated by Europol and Eurojust of European law enforcement agencies in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, where several people were arrested.

Despite the Action Day, the Latvian Racket is likely still active, as AktienPros proves.

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If you have any information regarding AktienPros, Triton Capital Markets, or the Latvian Racket, please let us know through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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