Marketing Blacklist – UK FCA warns against the Tesler fraud campaign!

FCA issues warning against Tesler fraud campaign
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It is about time for regulators to take stronger action against fraudulent marketing campaigns like Tesler, Bitcoin Prime, Bitcoin Champion, CryptoEngine, and myriads of others. These fraudulent campaigns are constantly acquiring new victims for the hundreds of active scams and collecting commissions for it as a so-called Introducing Broker (IB). These fraudulent campaigns are created and operated by digital marketing agencies. 8 out of 10 of these campaigns, like Tesler, come from the workshop of Israeli agencies. The UK FCA issued a warning against Tesler on July 21, 2021.

In its warning, the FCA states that Tesler (www.Tesler.today) operates as a clone of FCA-regulated Fortrade Limited d/b/a Fortrade (www.fortrade.com). Fortrade, however, has nothing to do with Tesler, according to the FCA.

See the full Marketing Campaign Blacklist here.

Today, the scam broker FXPOINT (www.fxpoint.co) is advertised via Tesler. By registering with the Tesler campaign, you are automatically created as a victim of FXPOINT, and you are automatically redirected to the payment page of the scam. Grey Matter Enterprise Ltd operates the FXPOINT scam in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Allegedly!

Would you please not fall for fraudulent marketing campaigns like Tesler and the scams promoted by them? You will save yourself the losses, frustrations, and misuse of your data.

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