Crypto MLM NEXUS GLOBAL – Update On A HYIP Ponzi Scheme

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A few days ago, the new NEXUS GLOBAL presentation was shared on Facebook. Reading through it, we found some interesting information. Purportedly, NEXUS GLOBAL is now Austrian and headquartered in Salzburg. In addition, the scheme claims to have offices and mining centers around the world. From Germany to Vietnam to China. Actually, NEXUS GLOBAL achieved next to nothing since its inception but still promises a lot.


Christian Michel Scheibener
GLOBAL NEXUS founder Christian Michel SCHEIBENER

The crypto-MLM scheme NEXUS GLOBAL started early 2018 with ambitious plans and promises. The scheme is a brainchild of the 2017 crypto hype. It was co-founded by the German guys Christian Michel SCHEIBENER and Michael THOMALE. They promised to provide crypto debit cards, the world’s first multi-wallet, and its own crypto exchange. Furthermore, investments in crypto mining, ICOs, and promising crypto projects would make investors rich. So far, next to nothing has been fulfilled. No debit card, no multi-wallet, no exchange, no crypto casino, no sports betting ventures. Maybe (strong maybe) NEXUS GLOBAL has the crypto mining facilities it claims to have. But the guys still brag about the future and fool investors.

In its new presentation, NEXUS GLOBAL informs the reader that it already has over 100,000 customers (presentation available here). By 2020, the Crypto-MLM scheme aims to reach the ambitious target of one million customers. The target is then to go public and make an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This is where the big carrot is hung up on existing customers and/or members. The leaders in the crypto-MLM pyramid will be rewarded with shares at the IPO the presentation purports.


These carrots are a common phenomenon in the MLM scene. In 2017, the now collapsed crypto MLM pioneer AVALON LIFE of Thomas GRAF announced an IPO in Canada. Before that, the Bulgarian fraud scheme of ONECOIN made multiple announcements of IPOs to keep its members greedy. These great announcements about distant IPOs are just to keep members cheerful, get fresh money from them and/or avoid payouts. Additionally, this long term targets such as IPOs are also means to avoid criminal charges and indictments. The applied thinking here is that as long as they try to make your members rich with ever new means, they cannot be charged with fraud.

In fact, such announcements typically should raise red flags for investors. This usually means that payouts are no longer made on a regular basis or at least have been significantly reduced. Especially in crypto mining, there are currently no profits to be made and therefore there is hardly anything to earn for NEXUS GLOBAL members. Given the depressive crypto environment, there seems no quick recovery of crypto prices or profitability. A new bull run seems not to be around within the next 12 to 18 months.

Scam stories behind NEXUS GLOBAL

The irony at this point is that the NEXUS GLOBAL Facebook Group, with its almost 15,000 members, had previously been deployed for AVALON LIFE as well as for PLATINCOIN and CRYPTOGOLD. Various financial market supervisory authorities have issued warnings and filed criminal charges against all these schemes:

AVALON LIFE Italienische CONSOB bannes distribution
PlatinCoin Deutsche BaFin Warning
CryptoGold Criminal complained filed by Austrian FMA

Most recently, the operators of the NEXUS GLOBAL Facebook Group were also involved in the pump-and-dump with NASDACOIN. The NASDACOIN was hyped and ripped off at short notice. This is simply investor fraud.

FOREX Trading and Exchange

NEXUS GLOBAL dashboard: referring to 3rd party brokers

The announced launch of FOREX & Crypto trading turned out to be a Potemkin’s village. In fact, the NEXUS GLOBAL dashboard has two FOREX brokers where you can open accounts and trade. NEXUS GLOBAL merely takes on the role of an affiliate and receives commissions from the FOREX brokers. This is a particular advantage for the operators of NEXUS GLOBAL around Christian Michel SCHEIBENER and Michael THOMALE. There is still nothing to be seen of the announced FOREX wallets or their own FOREX and crypto trading platform. Nor do you see the credit card that has been announced for months.

The only thing you can do is deposit cryptocurrencies into your NEXUS GLOBAL Wallet via CoinPayments. The API of CoinPayments is used for this – every owner of a website can do this himself in a few minutes. To call this an Exchange is simply hillarious. The other announced products like the opportunity to purchase gold or offers in the fields of Crypto Casino, Livebetting or Lotto are pixie dust as well to fool people.


The HYIP Ponzi scheme of NEXUS GLOBAL seems to have completely lost momentum. This comes as no surprise, because crypto-mining cannot pay the commissions and fees of such crypto-MLM schemes. More and more whistleblowers complain to FinTelegram about sluggish payouts and unfulfilled promises. Finally, the history of the people of NEXUS GLOBAL shows that their schemes (a) are illegal and (b) collapse quickly. Prepare for a hard landing of the NEXUS GLOBAL within the next 6 to 9 months.


NEXUS GLOBAL was founded early 2018 by the German MLM artists Christian Michel SCHEIBENER and Michael THOMALE. Before he co-founded NEXUS GLOBAL Christian Michel SCHEIBENER was the CEO of OMNIA TECH. In the beginning NEXUS GLOBAL was focused on crypto mining but switched its focus to crypto trading due to the lack of profitability of the mining business. Allegedly, NEXUS GLOBAL has more than 70,000 active members which makes is one of the largest crypto MLM schemes worldwide. The scheme is focused on emerging markets in Asia and Africa and on the German speaking markets Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

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