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Stephan WELK
Stephen WELK – member of the NEXUS GLOBAL core team

Yesterday, NEXUS GLOBAL announced the launch of distribution and its new dashboard along with the sale of its mining packages. Attached to the announcememt Email was a PDF brochure presenting the idea, team, and other details. We learned that the NEXUS GLOBAL Crypto-MLM is headed by Christian Michel SCHEIBENER, Michael THOMALE, and Stephan WELK. The latter is a well-known diplomat and entrepreneur. Stephan WELK has excellent contacts into the international crypto-scene and is personally engaged in the crypto-exchange business as well as a member of the Dubai connection. This is getting very interesting, we guess, and NEXUS GLOBAL definitely develops into a global crypto-scheme.

Since our last telegram on NEXUS GLOBAL, there have been some interesting developments (read telegrams here). It seems that there are some issues between the NEXUS GLOBAL team and its partner, the UK-based public-listed company VELTYCO. Officially, the support team moved from Sofia, VELTYCO’s development center, to Leipzig because NEXUS GLOBAL doesn’t want to depend on third parties. Furthermore, it is said that the NEXUS GLOBAL wallet is not a sort of joint venture product with VELTYCO but is solely owned by them. Only the development is done by the VELTYCO-subsidiary 8Crypt.

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Red Flags for Nexus GlobalBesides, the dashboard and wallet is a poor piece of code. It doesn’t work properly on mobile devices and has some other critical bugs. The only payment option is Bitcoins with CoinPayments as the payment processor. The KYC and/or ID-check process is a joke as address data are not checked against data bases, no proof is required etc. That’s a quick and dirty kind of code to hastily launch the system.

In the distributed brochure, distributors are informed about investment opportunities. Besides crypto-mining, investments into the esports space are presented as a promising opportunity:

The platform reflects perfectly the market and its rapid changes. Our distributors get the possibility through the E-Sports ICO to participate directly and without detours on this huge opportunity (NEXUS GLOBAL brochure).

Red Flags for Nexus GlobalIt should be noted, however, that the ICO already ended a few months ago and was a failure. is a company of the VELTYCO group. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? It is a red flag, that’s sure.

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Red Flags for Nexus GlobalDistributors can purchase mining packages already but no information is given on the mining facilities. That’s another red flag, right? Since months, it is promised to potential distributors that background information on the mining will be given (soon). Not available now. That’s a critical point because there are rumors in the market that NEXUS GLOBAL is connected with the GBminers, a cloud mining scam (read telegram here).

Our recommendation still is: stay away, far away, from this Crypto-MLM scheme. Chances are that you lose your money and expose yourself to legal risks as distributor or partner. We will continue to report about the backgrounds.

Available download: NEXUS GLOBAL Business Presentation [here]

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