Offshore Broker Anzo Global With New Structure And Orange Compliance Rating!

Anzo Capital with Orange compliance rating
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We have already reviewed Anzo Capital in 2022. In doing so, we also drew attention to the retail broker’s offshore activities, which were not cleanly regulated. Since then, things have changed at Anzo Capital. The FCA-regulated JJ Gard Group LLP has been renamed AnzoCapital LLP and is now part of the Anzo Capital Group. However, the FCA-regulated entity is not named as an operator on the websites. We have added Anzo Capital to our Orange Compliance list.

Latest Updates

We have noticed in our new review on October 12, 2023, that the AnzoFX website is offline. In addition, the relationship with the Australian Focus Markets Group may have been restructured. We also noticed that Anzo Capital PTY Limited is listed as deregistered in the ASIC register. On the other hand, a new offshore entity has been added in St. Vincent & The Grenadines. In the UK, FCA-registered JJ Garden Group LLP was renamed AnzoCapital LLP.

The network around Anzo Capital is still not transparent and difficult to understand.

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Anzo Capital Key data

Trading namesAnzo Capital, Anzo Capital Group
AnzoFX, Focus Markets
Legal entitiesAnzo Capital PTY Limited
Focus Markets Pty Ltd
Focus Markets LLC,
Anzo Capital Limited (Belize)
Anzo Capital (SVG) LLC (SVG)
AnzoGlobal LLP (UK)
JJG HOLDING LTD (Seychelles)
Related individualsChunzhi Fang
Andrew Michael Wood (LinkedIn)
RegulatorsASIC (Focus Markets Pty Ltd)
FCA (AnzoGlobal LLP)
IFSC (Anzo Capital Limited)
Compliance ratingOrange

The narrative

Anzo Capital group of companies

According to the officially available information, Chinese national Chunzhi Fang is the controlling person behind FCA-regulated AnzoCapital LLP. We could not determine whether he also controls the entire Anzo Capital Group. Compliance Officer Andrew Michael Wood is also the Compliance Manager at Australian AETOS Capital Group, according to information on his LinkedIn profile.

In Australia, Anzo Capital Group is an Australian Financial Services Authorised Representative of Focus Markets Pty Ltd, a broker licensed by ASIC with the license number 514425. However, according to the ASIC registry, Anzo Capital is deregistered.

Since July 2023, Anzo Capital also has a similar-named FCA-regulated entity, AnzoCapital LLP. The firm operated as JJ Gard Group LLP until July 2023, according to FCA Financial Register disclosures. AnzoCapital LLP‘s partners are JJG HOLDING LTD and MIN TAI CONSULTING LTD, both registered in the Seychelles, and XY GLOBAL INVESTMENT LIMITED, registered in the BVI.

For its offshore activities, Anzo Capital works with Anzo Capital Limited in Belize, regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC), and Anzo Capital (SVG) LLC in St. Vincent and The Grenadines.

Compliance Check

We have registered as residents of EEA jurisdictions and other jurisdictions with the offshore mutation of Anzo Capital without any problems. The FCA-regulated entity does not operate this offshore mutation but by the offshore entities in Belize and SVG, according to the information provided on the website www.anzocapital.com. However, these offshore entities do not have regulatory permission to offer financial products in ESMA’s (or any other) regulatory regimes.

We could open an account as an EEA resident with a leverage of 1:1000. However, in the EEA jurisdictions and most other western jurisdictions, a maximum leverage of 1:30 is allowed for retail investors.

No pre-KYC deposit is possible, which is good news. The Anzo Capital team has carefully reviewed our documents and noted that they do not match the information provided in the offshore onboarding. Therefore, our accounts were not opened.

The domain specified in the FCA Financial Register that falls under the supervision of the UK regulator, www.anzoglobal.com, was not available. It is unclear which of the many websites actually fall under FCA supervision. Based on the findings outlined above, we are adding Anzo Capital to our Orange Compliance list.

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