Offshore broker Axiory with super-high leverage does not accept clients from UK and EU!

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Axiory offshore broker is operated by Axiory Global Ltd, regulated by FSC Belize, and Tradit Ltd, regulated by FSC Mauritius. It does not acquire clients in the UK, and EU whereby registration is algorithmically blocked and not possible. Thus Axiory abides by regulatory requirements in these countries. Axiory also does not allow pre-KYC deposits, positively differentiating itself from many other offshore brokers. It offers leverage of up to 1:777. However, in Europe and Australia, maximum leverage of 1:30 is allowed; in Turkey 1:10 is the maximum.

Key data

Trading nameAxiory
Legal entitiesTradit Ltd (Mauritius)
Axiory Global Ltd (Belize)
RegulatorsFSC Belize
FSC Mauritius

Axiory is a member of the private external dispute resolution (EDR) organization The Financial Commission and is in good standing with the organization. Recently, Axiory has expanded EDR coverage to its Mauritius entity effective April 14, 2022, thus allowing its customers access to a wide range of services and membership benefits including protection for up to €20,000 per the submitted complaint, backed by the Financial Commission’s Compensation Fund.

Preliminary conclusion

Axiory is one of the few offshore brokers that comply with the regulatory requirements in the UK and EU by not accepting their residents. The offshore broker has a proper onboarding procedure including a KYC/AML check. Especially the fact that pre-KYC deposits are not possible is much appreciated.

For residents of European non-EU countries such as Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, or Turkey, registration is possible. The same applies to Australia and countries in Africa and Asia. Since Axiory does not have a license in these countries either, Axiory is acting unauthorized or illegally in these regulatory regimes. In Serbia, for example, Axiory would need a license from the Republic of Serbia’s Securities Commission (SEC Serbia), in Turkey from the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB), and in Australia, an ASIC authorization would be necessary.

Moreover, their super-high leverage levels of up to 1:777 violate regulatory frameworks in most regimes.

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