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Yesterday, the Austrian TV station ORF broadcasted an update on the OPTIOMENT case (you can watch it here). The report is given in German so you may need some concise summary. And here it is!

Optioment Masterminds and Musketeers
Who was the OPTIOMENT mastermind?

It remains still unclear at this stage of criminal investigation whether or not there are OPTIOMENT masterminds behind Christopher RIEDER, the founder of Cointed. The report raises doubts about that as does the lawyer representing some OPTIOMENT victims. The report presented some respective hints that there may actually be no masterminds behind RIEDER and if so, their role may not be as important as RIEDER and the other suspects claim. The FinTelegram team had a chance to took a look into the case files and thus we can tell you that RIEDER actually played THE decisive role. He was the one that coordinated the communication with the alleged masterminds, two traders in London and/or Danmark.

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False Cointed Statements

Furthermore, it’s crystal clear that COINTED’s Crypto-ATMs and its online exchange played a crucial (enabler) part in the OPTIOMENT scheme. That said, the answer to the question whether COINTED was involved in the OPTIOMENT scheme is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Yes, it was, of course! The crucial question here is whether or not there is a criminal offense associated with the involvement on a corporate level. A spokesperson of the Austrian prosecutor’s office said that COINTED currently is not a suspect in the criminal case. But it’s founder and former CEO is.

The COINTED spokesperson Albert SPERL denied any involvement into the OPTIOMENT scam and pointed to RIEDER who allegedly left COINTED in 2017 and already sold his COINTED shares. That’s not true, the report found. The report team presented evidence that RIEDER actually was involved in COINTED’s business at least until February 2018. Moreover, the report team confronted the spokesperson with the fact that RIEDER still holds shares in COINTED which contradicts COINTED’s public statements.

Not on the run, just on a long business trip

According to his lawyer, RIEDER is not on the run, but on a very long business trip. Somewhere, far away but he will be available for the authorities. Sometime in the future. And, of course, RIEDER was not involved in OPTIOMENT said the lawyer’s statement. A lot of pixie dust, right?

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Where are the OPTIOMENT Millions?

The report ends with the question of the whereabouts of the millions and the announcement of further investigations to answer this question. An excellent question anyway, isn’t it? And one could make an educated guess.

  1. Tony says:

    I see Mr Rieder almost every day now and can help you for contact. He is a busy man but I can talk to him if you want.

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