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First Lesson in Crypto-Investing — to know that you know nothing

Crypto-Assets have been around for quite a while now. Since Bitcoin’s creation in 2009, the number of crypto-assets has increased steadily. Currently, more than 1,500 coins and tokens are listed on Coinmarketcap valued at an aggregate of $400 billion, up 22 times since the beginning of 2017. Along with the explosion of crypto-prices in 2017, a lot of crypto-investment schemes have been launched offering investors a broad range of investment opportunities. Besides the general risk of failure typically associated with startups and new technologies, many of those crypto-investment schemes are questionable or straight frauds.

The largely unregulated crypto-investment landscape is shady and littered with dozens of fraudulent ventures. Additionally, even honest crypto-projects are not a safe haven for investors — as seen in the old FIAT world hackers attempt to cheat investors and steal cryptos. More than 10 percent of funds raised through ICOs are lost or stolen, according to a recent analysis from the accounting firm Ernst & Young.

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