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Ecore Merchant Services
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Paul Solinsky, born in February 1993, is the director and beneficial owner of the UK entities PGSELLERS LTD and Ecore Payments Ltd. In the latter, his relative Maurice Solinsky, born in September 1996, is also registered as the beneficial owner. While PGSELLERS officially runs an online education platform for traders, Ecore Payments operates under the trade name Ecore Merchant Services (Ecore), which claims to be a partner of the Irish Elavon Merchant Services. PGSELLERS have come to attention several times as illegal payment processor and scam facilitator.

Known data

Trading namesPGSELLERS
Ecore Merchant Services
Legal entitiesPGSELLERS LTD
Ecore Payments Ltd
JurisdictionUnited Kingdom
Related individualsPaul Solinsky,
Maurice Solinsky
Banking partnerElavon Merchant Services

Ecore website does not really work and seems more like a fake. Many links lead to non-existent Pages and 404 error messages. On its website, Ecore claims that the Irish Elavon Merchant Services (https://www.elavon.com) would be its banking partner. Elavon, regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, is processing more than five billion transactions, valued at nearly $450 billion per year.

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