Russian Google Game! More fake publishers and fraud ads exposed!

Russian fake publishers use Google to promote fraud campaigns
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Our FinTelegram team has been focusing on fraudulent marketing campaigns on Google and social media to chase victims for broker scams for several weeks. Google UK & Ireland has tightened the conditions for placing financial ads since August 2021, but these conditions do not apply in the EU. Google is cashing in with scams. We have established that fake publishers in Russia are advertising fraudulent crypto campaigns like Bitcoin Revolution or Bitcoin Code on Google. The search giant doesn’t care about regulatory warnings. We call this the Russian Google Game!

Key data

Scheme Russian Google Game
ActivityPromoting fraudulent crypto campaigns via Google
Promoted scam brandBitcoin Prime, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Evolution
Bitcoin Loophole, Bitcoin Up, Bitcoin Code, and others
Fake Russian publishersYCage (https://ycage.com/)
Prepartisan (https://prepartisan.com/)
Portsmouth Electricians (https://portsmouthelectricians.com/)
Touches Stamps (https://touchesstamps.com)
Lowrys Mechanical (https://lowrysmechanical.com)
Your Visualisis (https://yourvisualises.com)
Poja (www.poja.com)
BibleTellsUsSo (www.bibletellsusso.com)
Woodhorsta (www.woodhorsta.com)
Prepartisan (www.prepartisam.com)
FitnessNgearWorkout (www.fitnessngearworkout.com)
BedAndPool (www.bedandpool.com)
PlantsScaping (www.plantsscaping.com)
Cognitive Mattress (www.cognitivemattress.com)
Landing pageshttps://whetherk.com,
, and others

The fraud narrative

While searching for “Bitcoin Code,” we today discovered two more Russian fake publishers fishing for victims via financial ads on Google. These two newly discovered publishers are, YCAGE and Prepartisan, are included in bold in the table above.

Many of the publishers of these fraud campaigns we exposed work with Russian websites and the credentials of Russian companies. It should be straightforward for Google to detect these fake publishers. However, Google does not seem to want to do that.

Share information

If you have any information about Russian Google Game and its operators, please let us know through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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