High-risk merchants, be careful with payment processor AID TRADE!

Payment processor AID TRADE in Dubai
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AID TRADE (FZE) of Mirna Micheletto is based in Dubai and has two Sharjah Government licenses to provide e-commerce and advertising & marketing services. The headquarters is in the Blue Bay Tower in Dubai. We have received information from a reliable whistleblower that AID TRADE also operates as an unlicensed and therefore unauthorized payment processor for high-risk merchants. According to the information available to us, AID TRADE is supposed to be very flexible with KYC/AML. However, there is also the risk that merchants lose their money.

Key data

Trade namesAID TRADE
Legal entityAID TRADE (FZE)
Related individualMirna Micheletto
Related entitiesPricerus EOOD (Bulgaria)
Doubleup GTL SRL (Romania)

The narrative

Our whistleblower has been providing trustworthy information for years. So far, his information and warnings have always turned out to be correct. We, therefore, take the warning about AID TRADE seriously and are happy to pass it on to high-risk merchants who either already work with AID TRADE or are considering cooperation. Be careful when selecting a payment processor! Take a close look at your payment processors before entrusting them with your clients’ money and your own. As we know, the disappearance of unregulated high-risk payment processors is not uncommon.

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