Urgent Warning against BitMegaChain, ForbsChain, Blokchains, and their scam network!

investor warning against BitMegaChain Forbschain and TheBullBear broker scams
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What a name. A “MegaChain” sounds promising, but consumers should have learned by now that “mega” is a scary term that is usually used to promote the worst companies, products, and services. The BitMegaChain (www.bitmegachain.com) promoted via fraudulent crypto campaigns is a stupid white-label scam operated by the same cybercrime organization as Blokchains, ForbsChain, or TheBullBears. They are currently hunting for victims with campaigns in social media using illegal payment processors such as PGSellers.

Key data

Legal entitynot yet exposed
JurisdictionsEstonia (according to the Terms & Conditions)
Russia (maybe)
Payment processorPGSellers
Related scamsForbschain (www.forbschain.com)
Blokchains (www.blokchains.de)
TheBullBears (www.thebullbears.com)

Scam narrative

We do not know too much about this scam network at this point in time; we just started to cover it. The network of broker scams surrounding BitMegaChain operates primarily through boiler room agents and referral links via social media. We have noticed that ForbsChain, for example, is positively reviewed on Russian review sites. Therefore, we conclude that there is a high probability that Russian individuals operate this network and also attack Russian consumers.

We also know that Paul Solinsky‘s illegally operating payment processor PGSellers processes payments via bank accounts, PayPal and payment service providers.

If you have any information about the network around BitMegaChain, Blokchains or Forbschain, please let us know via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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