Washington State-based Sound Publishing promotes fraud campaign Bitcoin Revolution

Peninsula Clarion promotes Bitcion Revolution
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The Peninsula Clarion (https://www.peninsulaclarion.com) claims to be the only comprehensive source of news and information for Alaska’s central Kenai Peninsula. Sound Publishing Inc. in Washington State, operates Peninsula Clarion, which today promotes the notorious crypto fraud campaign Bitcoin Revolution. Well, to be honest, Google Search, too, sells its online ad spaces to the scammers promoting this fraud campaign. Anyone typing Bitcoin Revolution into the Google search engine gets four Google Ads as well as a prompt to read Peninsula Clarion.

Just a few days ago, the German regulator BaFin issued a Cease and Desist Order against Bitcoin Revolution (report here). However, this does not prevent Peninsula Clarion from running a sponsored article recommending Bitcoin Revolution to its readers as a legitimate and trustworthy platform:

Bitcoin Revolution is a fully legit and trustworthy platform. The platform is extremely impressive with its high accuracy percentage and reliable performance.

Peninsula Clarion (link)

The truth is that Bitcoin Revolution is a fraudulent crypto campaign that only wants to catch clients for broker scams and illegally acting brokers. Why Google and other online platforms promote this scam and make money from it we don’t understand. Do you? Stay far away from Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Evolution, and the many other fraudulent campaigns.

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