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Jan Eric Malkus is a German entrepreneur and investor who has made a name for himself as an investor in the financial sector, among other things. He is considered the founder of the BDSwiss Group and is still its dominant shareholder through his Cypriot Duronga Holdings GmbH. He is a director in the CySEC-regulated BDSwiss Holding Limited d/b/a BDSwiss and in its parent company BDSwiss AG in Switzerland. Malkus manages the investments through his investment firms, Vastani and Ventura Investment AG.

Key Data

NameJan Eric Malkus
Business activitiesEntrepreneur and
fintech investor
ResidingCyprus, Switzerland
Important investmentsDuronga Holdings Limited
BDSwiss Group
GermanBlueChip Pool (www.germanbluechip.com)
Finportal Ltd, prev. SwissMoney Ltd (https://www.skyground.group)
AssetGeek Ltd (https://assetgeek.com)
NetworkAlexander Oelfke, Konstantin Oelfke,
Dennis L. Uitz
Skyground operated by Jan Malkus and and Alexander Oelfke and Konstantin Oelfke

In 2020, Jan Malkus and his BDSwiss Group sought a banking license to establish Unleashed Capital Bank. However, the project has likely lost his support by now. In 2021, Malkus founded Finportal Ltd in Cyprus, which operates Skyground Fintech Group (www.skyground.group) together with Skyground Services Ltd, a Cyprus-based entity co-founded by the former BDSwiss Group executives Alexander Oelfke and Konstantin Oelfke.

It is not really apparent at this time how Skyground works. It offers extensive financial services ranging from banking to trading to wealth management without any discernible license.

In 2021, Jan Malkus acquired a majority stake in the Cypriot fintech company AssetGeek, which is also active in the crypto exchange segment via DX One (https://dxone.com)

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