Ponzi Alarm! Stay away from crypto scheme INVESTcCOINS a/k/a DictX-Trade

warning against InvestcCoins aka DictX-Trade crypto ponzi scheme
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Currently, we could issue dozens of warnings about crypto investment scams every day. They are literally sprouting like mushrooms from the fertile ground of the ongoing crypto bull cycle. The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued an investor warning against the crypto Ponzi scheme INVESTcCOINS Funds (www.investeccoinsfund.ltd) a/k/a DictoX-Trade. Like many others, this crypto scheme offers (boring) investment plans that promise up to 85% profit within a few days. This is bullshit and fraud! Stay far away.

On the INVESTcCOINS website, the operator is ANB Mining Ltd, registered with Company number 09046952. At least for the link on the website to this company. We don’t think that’s the operating company. The scammers misuse the data of this company to present themselves as reputable.

Until recently, the scam might have appeared as DictoX-Trade Limited with the domain https://dictox-trade.com. After registering with INVESTcCOINS, you can find the corresponding logo in the dashboard. Please read this thread on Carigold to learn more about DictoX-Trade.

Sometimes these Ponzi schemes are referred to as High-Yield Investment Programs (HYIP). This is just a friendlier term for the same fraud. In these HYIPs, the existing “investors” receive profits that come from the deposits of the new “investors” and not from investment or trading activities.

This crypto Ponzi scheme is so poorly done that no one should fall for it. Unfortunately, greed often supersedes reason and leads to the loss of money. Do not fall for these crypto scams. Check 10x before you invest. Also, don’t get lured by tempting phone calls for boiler room agents. Or by referral links from social media friends. You will lose your money. We guarantee you that!

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