Latvian Racket! Morgan FX Capital scam still attacks European consumers!

CNMV warning against Morgan FX Capital
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In September 2021, the Spanish CNMV issued an investor warning against the Morgan FX Capital (www.morganfxcapital.com) broker scam. The operator of this scam is UK-registered Preqster Ltd which already operated the vanished scams Pips500 (www.pips500.com) and Preqster FX (www.preqsterFX.com). It is controlled by the Latvian citizen Sergejs Vasiljevs and is one of the many legal entities of the so-called Latvian Racket. While Morgan FX Capital is still active, Preqster Ltd has been dissolved via a compulsory strike-off in Nov 2021. We urgently advise you the stay away from Morgan FX Capital.

Already in June 2021, the Italian regulator Consob ordered the black-out of the Pips500 scam operated by Preqster Ltd. The company of Sergejs Vasilijevs has left a financial blood trail for thousands of victims.

Preqster Ltd was founded in May 2020 by Sergejs Vasiljevs, born in June 1992 (Companies House) Vasiljevs gives as his address 173 Latchmere Road in London as his the company’s correspondence address. The company was dissolved via compulsory strike-off in Nov 2021. In August 2021, Sergejs Vasiljevs established FKOSALES LTD (Companies House).

We are currently looking for Sergejs Vasiljevs and would like to know where he is or who his partners are. If you have any useful information we would be grateful if you could share it with us.

Stay tuned; we shortly publish an extensive update on the Latvian Racket.

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