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FinTelegram has raised the topic “Julian HOSP and the Ponzi scheme LYONESS” about six months ago. Since then, the discussion about it has surprisingly picked up speed. New facts and rumors are surfacing. Today the crypto-startup TenX, allegedly co-founded by Julian HOSP, published an official statement on the subject. Julian HOSP had never been silent about his involvement in LYONESS, so the TenX claim. Lyoness would have been referenced in some chapters in one of HOSP’s books. The TenX statement wants to present HOSP as a simple member of the globally operating Ponzi. The truth is, however, the Austrian HOSP was a top leader in the Austrian-based LYONESS scheme and was responsible for the development of the Asian markets. 

CCN Reports On Unethical Video

On 9 December 2018, the leading online crypto magazine CCN reports on the activities of TenX President Julian HOSP for the globally active Austrian pyramid system LYONESS. In particular, CCN mentions a HOSP video that shows a “damning lack of integrity and a willingness to promote dishonest and underhanded tactics in pursuit of profit.” In this video, HOSP goes so far as to advise unethical acquisition methods that could be qualified as coercion. It is suggested to exploit relationships with friends and family because they “cannot evade” them. Moreover, one should not take the truth too seriously in the acquisition talks. The goal is important – the acquisition of new members and money.

TenX Denies Any Involvement

The crypto-startup TenX, whose president is Julian HOSP, was subsequently forced to make an official statement today (December 10, 2018). This was published on Reddit. TenX rejects any involvement in the pyramid system of LYONESS in the frist place. Moreover, it attempts to downplay the role of Julian HOSP in the Austrian pyramid scheme to a simple member. The unethical methods of investor acquisition proposed by Julian HOSP in the video would not have been applied as TenX.

What Are The Facts?

Julian Hosp was a top leader in the Lyoness Ponzi scheme

First of all, we have internal LYONESS documents, as well as copies of court files concerning LYONESS. In addition, we have written comments from LYONESS members, which we have carefully reviewed. His name is on the scheme’s top leader list (see pictures left). In this respect, all our information provided by FinTelegram is strictly fact-based.

After the FinTelegram report on Julian HOSP‘s membership in the LYONESS Ponzi system, he initially denied it. It was claimed that FinTelegram had falsified his published CV available on the web. That didn’t help. We have been able to provide supporting facts and documentation. 

HOSP had filed a complaint with Google against Fintelegram for copyright infringements. Allegedly, hosting his online resume on FinTelegram would violate his IP rights. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? We have published a corresponding report here.

It is undisputed that Julian HOSP was a high-ranking team leader in the LYONESS scheme with 25,000 members in his team or downline. 

HOSP learned his network marketing job with the LYONESS scheme. We can assume that the marketing genius Julian HOSP did not develop his genius only last year.

The LYONESS network under Julian HOSP must have raised millions of dollars. In a statement from another high-ranking LYONESS member before us, it was confirmed that on average each newly recruited member has to pay the equivalent of around USD 2,500 (initial investment).

With 25,000 members, the amount acquired from the acquisition of new members would account to around USD 62.5 million. In this respect, it can be assumed that HOSP received correspondingly high commissions.

These figures may or may not be correct in detail. What is certain, however,  is that HOSP made a lot of money with LYONESS and played a major role in setting up the pyramid scheme in Asia. According to our sources, Julian HOSP’s withdrawal from the LYONESS system took place under strictly confidential conditions. It is apparently correct that HOSP has called in a lawyer. The departure of JULIAN HOSP is – according to the information available to us – a classified matter for LYONESS.

Let’s summarize the facts: 

  • Julian HOSP was a high-ranking team leader of one of the world’s largest Ponzi schemes and was responsible for Asia.
  • Julian HOSP said he had 25,000 members in his downline.
  • Julian HOSP kept silent about this in all public statements and did not disclose this important fact to the TenX ICO investors.
  • Julian HOSP, speaking directly about his previous activities, concealed the LYONESS (we can confirm this from his own observation).

A Founding  Member of TenX

What exactly is the relationship between Julian HOSP and TenX? Evidently, HOSP is the president of the Singapore crypto startup. Additionally, HOSP told ICO investors that he has also been one of the co-founders of TenX. This is contradicted by the facts. TenX was founded in 2015 by the Austrian Toby HOENISCH under the name OneBit. According to the company’s public statements, it was renamed TenX in Q1 2017.

According to the information, Julian HOSP probably joined TenX shortly before the ICO. Since then, he has presented himself as co-founder of TenX. He and his network may join OneBit as an early investor on or around the name change. The ICO, with the support of HOSP and his network, was a success and brought in around USD 80 million.

It is also a fact that under the presidency of Julian HOSP, TenX has not yet made any noticeable progress despite the USD 80 million received from some 4,000 investors. What has been done with the investors’ money? Julian HOSP is currently mainly on his own business and has other projects (mainly in his own marketing). The show has moved on.



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