Qatargate: Suspected Lawmaker Eva Kaili Asks To Return To EU Parliament!

Vice president of EU parliament Eva Kaili arrested
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EU lawmaker Eva Kaili, arrested five months ago as part of the Qatargate investigation into corruption allegations within the European Parliament, is now preparing to return to work. The Belgian prosecutor announced that she is no longer under house arrest. She allegedly asked to return to the EU Parliament. Kaili’s lawyers confirmed that she can now resume her duties. However, travel restrictions still prevent her from attending plenary sessions in Strasbourg.

Her lawyers expressed confidence in her eventual judicial vindication, citing increasing evidence of her innocence. Efforts are underway to resolve the travel restriction, allowing Kaili to exercise her responsibilities as an EU lawmaker fully.

Some media report that the parliament can hardly deny Kaili’s return. Italy’s l’unita reports that Belgian prosecutors have failed to make an indictment and claims that she is probably innocent.

“As of today … Eva Kaili is free to leave her residence and to fully exercise all her rights and obligations, deriving from her status as a member of the European Parliament. ” “The restrictive condition of the ban on leaving Belgium, which was imposed, does not upset her, since Kaili will return to Greece only after her judicial vindication … the evidence that documents Kaili’s innocence is increasing every day.”

Kaili’s lawyers Sven Mary and Michalis Dimitrakopoulos

Kaili’s case is linked to the larger investigation known as Qatargate, which examines bribery allegations involving foreign countries such as Qatar and Morocco and their influence on EU lawmakers.

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