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QubePay and Fido of Jacob Parker-Bowles
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The QubePay group of companies is controlled by UK-registered Compose Finance Ltd (Companies House) which is controlled by the financial crime and security export Jacob Felix Parker-Bowles. He too is a director and person of significant control of UK-registered Fido Finance Limited d/b/a Fido Merchant Services. QubePay has been identified as a payment processor in several broker scams such as RoyalStox. We would like to learn more.

Beneficial Owner and control

Parker-Bowles, born September 1978, is a Swedish or Finnish national living in the UK. The UK Companies House has different information on this:

According to the information on his LinkedIn profile, he worked for several years at Barclays in the area of fraud and finance crime. Besides his activities in the financial services area, Parker-Bowles currently acts as a consultant for cybersecurity and financial crime (see his website). In the past, he has held various positions at payment processors.

The payment platform QubePay (www.qubepay.com) which has been in operation since 2016, is operated by Qubic Financial Services Ltd, which is registered in Dublin, Ireland, with the Company Number: 595296. The only appointed director is the Brit Soneya Sharmin Khan. The registered company secretary is Tessa Parker-Bowles (LinkedIn profile), which seems to live between Sweden, Ireland, and the UK. This Irish Qubic seems to act as a holding for the QubePay group of companies.

The UK registered QubePay Limited which runs the crypto payment platform www.qubepay.co.uk is a subsidiary of the Irish entity. The only director of this UK entity is also Soneya Sharmin Khan.

The UK-registered Fido Merchant Services (www.fidoms.com) is the trading style owned and operated by UK-registered Fido Finance Limited, managed and controlled by the very same Parker-Bowles (Companies House).


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