Request for Information – Connection between FSM Smart, Lexbond, and regulated Crowd Tech

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During the last weeks, our FinTelegram Research Team has been working intensively on the broker schemes around FSM Smart, UFX and ParagonEX. According to the documents and information available to us

  • the FSM Smart scheme is one of the largest in the illegal brokerage scene,
  • UFX brand is owned and controlled by the ParagonEX people Haim Toledano, Saar Pilosof and Dennis-Hendrik de Jong and the website operated by ReliantCo Investments Ltd, which is regulated in Cyprus,
  • UFX uses ParagonEX technology and infrastructure (see our report),
  • Trade360 is also a customer and partner of ParagonEX and is operated by the Cyprus-regulated Crowd Tech Ltd.

Connections between Lexbond, FSM Smart and Crowd Tech?

In the course of the research on Lexbond Systems Ltd, it turned out that the broker page CapitalTechFX put only recently on-line is allegedly operated by the regulated Crowd Tech Ltd. This is at least stated on their website. However, at this point, it could become critical for Crowd Tech Ltd. Without any reasonable doubt, the website of CapitalTechFX belongs to the Scam-Broker network of Lexbond Systems Ltd.

The Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) recently issued a warning to investors against Swiss Invest FX (www.swissinvestfx.com), which is part of Lexbond scheme. Read our first analysis on this warning the scheme here on FinTelegram.

It is currently the factually and informatively supported hypothesis that the FSM Smart and the Lexbond scheme belong together. We also know this from whistleblowers who report on the shared use of boiler rooms in the Balkans. We found another Lexbond Systems OÜ in Estonia which is owned and headed by the Albanian Lorenc Xhepa who also runs a call center in Albania with his International Marketing Solutions Global.

Lexbond Systems with Crowd Tech and FSM Smart
Request for information on Crowd Tech, Lexbond Systems, and FSM Smart

If the operator data provided on CapitalTechFX were correct and Crowd Tech Ltd would actually be responsible for the site, this would not only violate regulatory requirements but would also establish a connection to Lexbond and FSM Smart. According to CySEC, the Cypriot regulatory authority, Crowd Tech Ltd is authorized only to operate the www.trade360.com website.

However, CapitalTechFX may misrepresent the operator and use the name of Crowd Tech Ltd with fraudulent intent. We need more information to further our respective investigations.

Request for information

For further research, we request notifications from participants, insiders or victims of the above schemes via our whistleblower system.

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