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A big “thank you” again to our readers and whistleblosers. We need you to make the financial markets a safer place. Unfortunately, with the dawn of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ether online scams and Ponzi schemes really got a boost. It’s easy to approach naive investors and ask them to participate in the “Crypto-Hype”.

GDM Warning FMA Austria
Investors Warning for GDM

Today, a whistleblower filed a complaint against the  Berlin-based investment scheme KryptoCommunity. They may be a sort of Ponzi scheme but in any way a Bitcoin-based MLM system connected with people known for their Ponzi works in the past. Hence, we started our investigations into this MLM scheme and studied their website, did some database queries and Google searches.

From what we understood from their website, KryptoCommunity promote themselves as a sort of “crypto-enhanced” (who does not these days?) MLM system focused on affiliate marketing. To be more specific on a system called “Global Dynamic Marketing (GDM)”. In its very essence, KryptoCommunity is paying its members for looking (clicking) ads in different formats. A business model considered illegitimate by Google and other ad brokers. When searching for “Global Dynamic Marketing” on Google we found an investors warning issued by the Austrian financial market regulator FMA.

GDM and Michi Sander
Michi SANDER explaining GDM 2.0

It’s a German venture, they say, but investments have to be made in US-$. A bit strange, too, right?

On the website, a guy named Michi Sander explains the model with a bit more details. The key message, of course, is that you can earn thousands of dollars for just a few clicks. And even more dollars if you invite your friends to the system. Nothing special then. That’s how MLM systems work but the web address (domain) the video provides for further information doesn’t exist: www.globaldynamicmarketing.com (error 404). The website is operated by a guy named Mathias Sauer and was built by the German agency “Die Webstars.

From what we learned over the last couple of hours, KryptoCommunity’s website definitely raises some red flags that should keep investors worried. But (big BUT) – to be able to present a comprehensive and fair review, we would ask our readers and their friends to let us know their respective experience with KryptoCommunity. Please use our whistleblower system if you would like to provide your information anonymously or the contact form if you would like to get in touch with us. Thank you!

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