Scam broker RoyalsFX, LincolnFX, and CapitalFunds are part of the Joshua Group

Joshua Group scam broker network
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In the last weeks, we have invested considerable time and resources in the Scams RoyalsFX and LincolnFX. Different payment processors have facilitated these scams to defraud clients in crypto and FIAT. These scams and many more are part of the scam network of the Joshua Group.

The scams blood trail

While the role of the facilitating payment processors has to be further investigated, we were able to prove that the aforementioned scams RoyalsFX and LincolnFX are also part of the notorious cybercrime organization Joshua Group with the two companies Joshua Development Ltd (Dominica) and Joshua Partners EOOD (Bulgaria). The scams are still online and active until today (18. Aug 2020). The currently still active CapitalFunds (www.capitalfunds.co) is also part of the Joshua Group.

Since at least 2017 the Joshua Group has been operating dozens of scams via various dummy companies. Financial market supervisory authorities have issued corresponding investor warnings:

In April 2020, the Joshua Group again caught our immediate attention in our ongoing investigations of the PumaTS Scam Broker Network. We received documents proving the Joshua Group is directly related to the PumaTS network which in turn is related to the CySEC-regulated Leverate Financial Services Ltd.

The Georgian connection

The Joshua Group connected to the Georgian citizen Levan Asatiani and the Bulgarian citizen Petyo Donchev Zlatev is currently one of the most aggressive operators of scam brokers in Europe.

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