Scam-Facilitating Crypto Payment Processor Zichain and its network

Zachain crypto payment processor and its network
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Registered in Estonia, Zichain OÜ is a crypto payment processor and exchange licensed by the Estonian FIU. Besides, the company is also licensed as a general financial services provider and is doing business as Zichain (www.zichain.eu), Cryptoeye (www.cryptoeye.eu), and Rashbe (www.rashbe.com). Currently, one can only conduct crypto transactions through Zachain. Rashbe is associated with scams like Swiss500 or ApcoFX.

Crypto Payment Processor Rashbe operated by Estonian Zichain

Swiss500 or ApcoFX were two of the big broker scams facilitated by Zachain via Rashbe. You still can find the orphaned links to the respective payment pages on Rashbe (see Swiss500 or image on the left). Read this FinTelegram report here to learn more.

Zichain is one of the many crypto customers of Lithuanian GlobalNetInt UAB.

It is always interesting to uncover the secret connections between the different scams and payment processors. More often than not their roots are in the Israeli Forex and FinTech scene.

Viktor Aadler, born in March 1984, is the director of Zichain OÜ. He is also a director in K1 Group OÜ which has been operating as a software and consulting company through the website www.k1group.eu since 1997. He is also the sole director of Vidlin Invest OÜ, a trading company in the automotive industry.

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