South African Altify Emerges As A Beacon in Crypto Investment, Eyeing New Crypto Bull Cycle

The new South African crypto investment firm Altify
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The merger of South African crypto asset investment platform Revix with Austria’s Coinpanion and fellow South African platform BitFund has given birth to Altify, a regulated alternative investment platform. This amalgamation comes at a pivotal time in the crypto industry as market players brace for a new cycle, spurred by the anticipated fourth Bitcoin halving and the potential approval of crypto ETFs by the US SEC.

Altify sets its sights on revolutionizing wealth growth outside the traditional stock market. It offers a diverse array of alternative investment opportunities, previously the domain of large institutions and the ultra-wealthy. These include private credit, venture capital, real estate, crypto assets, collectibles, and more, marking a significant shift in investment paradigms.

In its rebranded avatar, Altify retains the popular crypto investment products from Revix, Coinpanion, and BitFund, including the broadest selection of ETF-style crypto bundles akin to index funds. Other offerings encompass leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and even blockchain-based physical gold. With plans to roll out a new range of alternative investments in 2024, Altify is poising itself for substantial expansion.

Altify CEO Sean Sanders

Sean Sanders, founder and CEO of Revix, spearheads Altify as CEO, consolidating over 80,000 customers from Revix, Coinpanion, and BitFund. Sanders emphasizes Altify‘s mission to extend its investment reach, particularly in South Africa, with the aim to become the premier alternative investment platform in South Africa and the broader EMEA region.

Sanders points out the disparity in investment in alternative assets between High Net Worth Individuals and the average person. Altify intends to democratize access to these lucrative markets, which have historically outperformed global stock markets and offered significant diversification benefits.

With a focus on engaging a younger demographic, Sanders highlights the potential for long-term compounded returns that could significantly influence their financial futures. Altify‘s target audience ranges from 25 to 50 years, providing ample time for these investments to mature.

The recent crypto market downturn has been a catalyst for this merger, accelerating Altify‘s diversification into non-crypto investments. The current market conditions are ripe for consolidation among retail investment platforms, particularly in crypto. Altify is seizing these opportunities with plans to integrate more platforms from the UAE, UK, and Europe soon.

Established in 2019, both Revix and Coinpanion have made significant strides with their innovative ETF-style crypto asset portfolios. Their collaboration positions Altify uniquely across Europe and Africa, equipped with regulatory licenses, a solid customer base, and a leading investment app and web platform. Together, they have amassed over $250 million in deposits.

The transaction has garnered robust support from shareholders, including prominent investors like Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed Sabvest, CVVC, Founders Factory, Emurgo, and Calm/Storm Ventures, as well as angel investors like MySugr Founder Frank Westermann and business angel Hansi Hansmann.

Sanders, a CFA Charterholder, expresses his motivation to resolve the scarcity of investment opportunities for the South African market. Altify’s goal is to offer a wide array of wealth-building options suitable for varying risk profiles, aiming to help South Africans grow and protect their wealth.


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