Spanish Watchdog CNMV warns against Maxizoption, EXM Solution, and Bitsends

CNMV warns against Maxizoptions and other scams
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The Spanish regulator CNMV issued investor warnings against several broker scams earlier this week. Among them are the Maxizoptions, EXM Solution, and Bitsends. A check by FinTelegram has shown that non of these brokers is registered in any regulatory regime on this planet. These scam sites are merely slightly different copycats (mutations) of existing scam templates. The scammers currently run massive-scale operations with many scam sites under various domains with the goal of catching and cheating as many small investors as possible.

The Maxizoption (www.maxizoptions.com) is a copy of the still up-and-running broker scam TradeCapitals which is currently attacking retail investors and consumers at www.tradecapitals.io. Both have been produced in and are operated in the very same scam hub. The Maxizoptions scammers did not even implement their own brand. They just linked the old TradeCapitals site to the new domain and work with the very same favicon and logo. Even the confirmation emails for the registration at TradeCapitals and Maxizoptions are sent from the same provider with @server121.web-hosting.com and @servicer125.web-hosting.com

The half-life of these scams is only a few weeks. The fraud principle behind this is that many small amounts of money stolen from many small investors also results in a lot of money in total. Like predatory fishermen, they lay out their scam nets all over the Internet and many small investors get caught in them. In addition, they acquire customer data in this way, which is then used or sold by the boiler room agents for aggressive calls.

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