Stop Google Campaign! Do not fall for fraudulent Sunny Investments!

Google promotes scam site Sunny Investments
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FinTelegram asked BaFin a few days ago to take action against Google to prevent Google DE from continuing to accept fraudulent financial ads from scammers. In UK & Ireland, Google has already taken measures to prevent scammers as customers. Google DE, however, continues to serve dozens if not hundreds of fraudulent financial ads to its visitors every day. In our Stop Google Campaign, we will present specific examples for cyberfinancial scam ads on Google, such as Sunny Investments advertising the fraudulent Bitcoin Prime campaign.

Key data

Google publisherSunny Investments
Owner and operatorno imprint, no data
Promoted fraud campaignsBitcoin Prime, Bitcoin Lifestyle,
Immediate Edge,
Immediate Bitcoin,
Bright Investments
Promoted broker scamsRuby Finance
Related websiteshttps://latestinvestmentopportunity.com

The fake review site

For specific search terms related to “Bitcoin” or “Bitcoin Prime,Google DE today (Jan 18, 2022) presents the ad of the fake review site Sunny Investments with the domain https://www.sunny-investments.com among others. The searching Google DE customer who clicks on this financial ad is redirected to the page exclusively promoting fraudulent marketing campaigns around cryptocurrencies.

Promoting scam brokers

Fraud campaign Bitcoin Prime on Sunny Investments

After clicking on the “Visit Site” button of one of the presented fraud campaigns on Sunny Investments, we are redirected to https://latestinvestmentopportunity.com or https://bright-investments.com to register for the Bitcoin Prime campaign. After registering, we are immediately redirected to the payment page of a broker scam like Ruby Finance.

The sole purpose of campaigns such as Bitcoin Prime is to chase victims for scam brokers. They are operated by digital marketing agencies that call themselves introducing brokers (IB) getting commission from victim deposits.

No Imprint, No Nothing

The Sunny Investments website has no imprint, does not give any information about the operators, and has no terms. Not even the name “Sunne Investments” is stated on the website, a simple WordPress template operated under a wide variety of domains. Under the rules of Google UK, Sunny Investments would be allowed to place a financial ad as it is neither a regulated entity nor would it pass a KYC check. With Google DE, scammers obviously have no problem publishing their ads.

Stay far away from Sunny Investments and all financial ads on Google.

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