The big picture of the ‘GreyMountain-MigFin-Moneta” network

GMM and MigFin Network
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The network around binary options and illegal broker schemes around the GreyMountain Management Ltd (GMM) of the Israelis David Cartu, Jonathan Cartu, and Uri Katz was one of the largest scam networks worldwide. Together with payment partners such as Payotech Ltd (Payobin), led by Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski, Moneta International UAB and Hermes Solution Podgorica DOO, GMM’s many illegal schemes have defrauded thousands of small investors in the US, Canada and Europe of tens of millions. Israeli boiler room operators like Guy Galboiz and his MigFin have enabled and facilitated these illegal schemes. To this day, the responsible authorities are involved in the processing of the data. FinTelegram tries to bring together the threads behind the frontmen and offshore companies and thus support cheated investors, authorities, and courts.

The GreyMountain Management (GMM) Cast

The GMM-related companies

  • GreyMountain Management Ltd, Ireland
  • Worldwide Tech Limited, UK
  • Tracy P.A.I. Management Ltd, Israel
  • Seroph APAC Ltd, Hong Kong
  • Mega Optimizatoin Ltd, Ireland
  • Simple Mega Solutions IE Ldt, Ireland (MPower)

GreyMountain Management Ltd, registered in Ireland, was managed by David Cartu, Jonathan Cartu, Uri Katz and the Ryan Coates as well as Liam Grainger. The company had its Dublin office in the office building of Wirecard UK & Ireland. Moreover, the Cartu brothers together with the former Wirecard UK & Ireland boss Michelle Molloy had the payment transaction company MegaCharge. Read the FinTelegram report here.

The Moneta International & Payobin Cast

The Moneta-Payobin-related companies:

  • Payotech Ltd, Israel
  • Moneta International UAB, Lithuania
  • International Fintech UAB, Lithuania
  • Payobin Ltd, UK
  • Payobin Ltd, Malta
  • Payobin Services Ltd, Malta
  • Hermes Solution Podgorica DOO, Montenegro
  • SeeddPay Ltd, Marshall Islands
  • Wiropay Ltd, Malta

Several regulated payment service providers were involved in the payment transaction processing with GMM’s illegal broker schemes:

It must be expressly stated at this point that FinTelegram has documents which have been checked several times and which prove our statement. Even though the payment service providers were registered under different regulatory regimes, they were all controlled by Israel and/or Israelis. These regulated payment service providers have been grossly negligent or knowingly and intentionally encouraging fraud against investors.

The MigFin Cast

The MigFin companies

  • Gtech Media Development Ltd (MIG G.A. Marketing Finance Ltd), Israel
  • Red Mountain Management SLR, Romania
  • Ultra Solutions MG Limited, Commonwealth of Dominica
  • Primero Capital Solutions Limited, Anguilla

Guy Galboiz and his Romanian partner Stefan Trasca have directly contributed through their boiler rooms and marketing campaigns to customers registering with the illegal broker schemes and investing money. Successful days when many investors were ripped off were celebrated accordingly. FinTelegram has published a video about such a celebration here.

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