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Yesterday, COINTED customers received great news from the company. The COINTED press release made clear that the company is not involved in any way in the fraudulent OPTIOMENT scheme. Definitely not! Because they are an honest venture with honest people. That’s really good if not exciting news, isn’t it?

Well, maybe it would have been worth mentioning that the COINTED founder Christopher RIEDER is an “official” suspect in the OPTIOMENT case. An honest company would have mentioned and explained that, right? Furthermore, the press release forgot to mention that RIEDER had to leaf the company and sold his shares because of that situation and that RIEDER vanished since then, literally, because nobody knows about his whereabouts (maybe his lawyer does). It is assumed that he currently is somewhere in Asia.

Finally, COINTED forgot to explain how exactly its Crypto-ATMs were involved in the OPTIOMENT scheme without involvement of the company itself. Actually, this seems to be impossible, right? Who, if not COINTED, is responsible for the proper and lawful operation of those washing machines? Who did the cash & crypto logistics then?

What the press release did is to present a conspiracy theory. According to the press release, it was an online medium (FinTelegram) that deliberately spread those false rumours which induced lawyers and authorities to wake up and act. Sounds like nonsense? It is!

FinTelegram startet to report on the COINTED involvement in the OPTIOMENT scheme after a lawyer filed a criminal complaint and after the largest Austrian news company reported on this.

What COINTED did was to inform people close to FinTelegram that their investigators are closely watching FinTelegram and its people and their private life. And, yes, they are anonymously sending out defaming (and laughable) Emails and letters to people and organizations. This is what Daniel ORLOV, one of COINTED’s remaining shareholders besides Wolfgang THALER and Charli AHO just recently told an investment consultant. And this, in turn, is another criminal offense but that’s another story coming soon.

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