The GlobalCFD broker scam and its payment processors

Investor warning GlobalCFD aka GlobalFXCFD
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The Italian regulator Consob ordered the blackout of the then GlobalCFD broker scam website in Feb 2021 www.globalcfd.co. A few days ago, the regulator also blocked the scam’s new domain www.globalfxcfd.com. The scam is allegedly operated by GlobalCFD Ltd and D&D Venture Project Ltd via the Marshall Islands. As payment processors, we have once again found a few of the usual suspects. Among them the iPayTotal and the crypto payment processors Itez and WE4BTC.

It is always remarkable how long these broker scams last despite public investor warnings from financial market regulators. Even more amazing is that there are payment processors that continue to facilitate these scams despite these warnings.

In our review again today, iPayTotal is still active as the payment processor of the GlobalCFD scam. Likewise WE4BTC (www.we4btc.com) of the licensed Estonian KeyPay Global OÜ. On the other hand, at least for the time being, it is not possible to make deposits via Itez of the licensed Estonian DataBridge OÜ. During a review in February 2021, this payment option was still active.


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