The Latvian Racket and the Vita Impex branch with Pluton500, VitaFX, and AceTop Financial

Vita Impex scam network and the Latvian Racket
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The Vita Impex scam network has an impressive dark record. In April 2021, the Italian Consob ordered the black-out of the websites of VitaFX and Pluton500 operated by Vita Impex. In May and December 2021, the Spanish CNMV and Consob issued warnings against AceTop Financial. On January 6, 2022, the UK FCA followed. Vita Impex Ltd is one of the AceTop Financial operators, besides other fake companies presented on the website. The scam seems to be about to vanish like many others in the Latvian Racket!

Key data

BrandAceTop Financial aka AceTopFin,
BetaFX Trading
Legal entitiesVita Impex Ltd (UK Companies House)
Trustdeal Ltd (UK Companies House)
acetopfinancial Ltd
FX Publications INC
The Capital Holding LLC
JurisdictionUnited Kingdom
Related individualsVjaceslavs Jasinskis
WarningsConsob, CNMV, FCA, HCMC
Related networksLatvian Racket (not yet confirmed)

Vita Impex Ltd has been known as the operator of other scams like VitaFX or Pluton500 in the past years. Both scams already vanished into the dark of the web.

Vita Impex Ltd was established in August 2020 in the UK by Latvian Vjaceslavs Jasinskis, registered as a director and beneficial owner. He was also the owner and director of Trustdeal Ltd, which was dissolved in March 2021 with compulsory strike-off. Vita Impex has also received the first notice for compulsory strike-off. Most likely, the company will be dissolved soon.

The Latvian Racket

At the moment, we are hypothesizing that the scams around Vita Impex belong to the so-called Latvian Racket. A few facts support this hypothesis:

  • Vjaceslavs Jasinskis is a Latvian;
  • the Latvian Racket operates through legal entities established in 2020 in the UK (except Trustdeal Ltd);
  • the Articles of Association of the companies are almost identical;
  • most UK entities have been incorpated with a share capital of GBP 1,000;
  • most legal entities have been operated by one Latvian;
  • almost all UK entities are either already dissolved via a compulsory strike-off or soon will be.

We would like to have more information about the Vita Impex scam network. If you have any helpful information, please let us know via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.


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