The Veltyco MLM-Connections and Cointed

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We are receiving info and hints from whistleblowers that indicate that the UK-based public-listed company Veltyco (see more info under investigation here) has unfolded an unprecedented portfolio of online-activities to raise cryptocurrencies from naive investors. Not only can Veltyco be related to some ICOs that have not been disclosed by the company but it seems that Veltyco is about to implement another MLM scheme in a partnership with a project called Nexus Global (read this article). The promotor of Nexus Global, Dmitriy Savelyev, is obviousyl closely connected to other MLM systems such as Krypto-Gold.com (site was taken offline) or Cryptogoldweb.com. We are not sure whether or not this Dmitriy Savelyev is a fake profile but we tend to believe that. In any case, investors should be very cautious with Veltyco and Nexus Global.

The Nexus Global promotor announced on Facebook that he is using the 8crypt (www.8crypt.com) wallet for the MLM system. Obviously, 8crypt and Nexus Global are working closely together. If you search for “8crypt” on Google you will be presented with a search result that shows that Nexus Global used to have a Twitter account names @8crypt until recently – it was deleted recently (see screenshot below).

Global Nexus 8crypt on Twitter
The 8crypt / NexusGlobal Twitter account

It’s not clear yet how exactly the connection between Nexus Global, Cointed and Veltyco are structured (formalized) but from the information we received so far they are at least connected on an operational level with Cointed being the “crypto-fiat-exchange”. This has been confirmed to us by involved lawyers in the Optioment case.

It’s strange anyway that Veltyco as a public-listed company does not disclose these sort of information as it should be according to the respective disclosure rules.

We kindly ask our readers to continue with their whistleblowing in the very best interest of investors protection. Thank you!

    1. Linda says:

      yes, of course, we mean Cointed. In case we wrote Coinbase we apologize. Coinbase is a highly respected US-Exchange and Online-Wallet provider.

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