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Marina Andreeva, CFO of Bulgarian E&G Finances support her partner Gal Barak
Marina ANDREEVA, CFO of Bulgarian E&G Finances supports her partner Gal Barak.

As expected, our report about the “Wolf of Sofia“, Gal BARAK, caused a lot of uproar. Since then, FinTelegram employees and writers have been criminalized by the Tradologic people around the Israeli scam-artist Gal BARAK and his partner Marina ANDREEVA through emails and strange websites with fake news. The approach exactly corresponds to the reports of many customers and employees of the Binary Options platforms about the approach of these fraud artists: intimidation, threats, and fake news as weapons against customers, partners, and employees.

According to affidavits we have received from customers and employees, Gal BARAKs’ people are not squeamish in their choice of means. We are aware of cases in which employees and their families were threatened if the criminal requirements were not met. We learned about women fearing for their lives and the lives of their kids. We learned about customers that have been denounced as fraudsters because they simply wanted to withdraw their funds. And we learned a lot of cheated customers.

We will report more about this shortly and thank you for the many hints. This article is only a first response to the threats and intimidations of the last few days. The picture shows the wolf of Sofia, Gal BARAK, with his friends Maor, Itzk, Amit and, Jacki. We see you guys and you are simply ridiculous! Your employees have already seen through you and continue to report your activities.

To all customers, partners, and employees that are faced with such threats we offer the possibility to make this public via FinTelegram. Please report your case anonymously via our whistleblower system. Don’t be afraid of these people, they are just scammers and malfunctioning people. Simply report them and their activities!

  1. Ex employee says:

    Itzk Gellet is a partner of Gal and he is the owner of the call centers in Sofia, Varna and Israel , and He is in charge to built the worldwide call center .

    He also help Gal Barak to threatening employees .

  2. Sofitel says:

    We in the office heard the story of a former female emplyoee that was forced to shovel a grave for her kids in the middle of the night. She was taken out of her home by some guys and brought into the woods. She seems to be back in Israel currently looking for the protection of authorities. You have no ideas about those guys.

  3. Knowthem says:

    Have you heard about the office raid in Tel Aviv? It seems that one of Gal’s offices was raided by the police and papers were found with his name and data on it. Look out for the video that’s circulating on this action. Seems that the israeli authorities finally started to take action.

  4. Panda says:

    You guys have to take a closer look to the Panda sw (www.pandats.com) sites. Gal is not only using his tradologic sw bit also Panda. He switched safemarkets for example. All the US sites are running on panda with almost 22,000 customers. All this fight for tradologic is just a side track, believe me. spotoptions is down, tradologic is a mess but panda is working.

  5. Reacher says:

    We are all sw sellers now. Gal & guys needed us to sign new contracts. So we are no linger in the trading business but selling sw. Now we just need to erase our history and ate clean, right?

  6. Gal Barak says:

    Finally you understand that Gery Shalon is not part of it .

    Gery was only consultant and never got money for his work !!

    Gery is a good guys that felt into the scam of those people .

    1. Tamir Cohen says:

      We know for sure that Gery Shalon was also invested in some companies around the Tradologic group and also involved in a financial transaction in the US around a crypto-startup (cyber-defense) along with Vladislav Smirnov. We saw the court files we can conclude that neither Gery nor Vlad are only consultants.

  7. Employee of Gal says:

    Gal spoke with all of us and told us to calm down that all we are doing is legal , shall we trust him ?
    We are worried as all smell bad .

    1. Redakteur says:

      Thank you for sharing this link with us. We received information (and checked it) that Gal Barak and his partner, the Bulgarian Marina Andreeva, indeed bribed officials. This is why they needed so much cash that has been withdrawnn for their many accounts with the Bulgarian Investbank. We have many of the respective bank account statements. Hence, your assumption of “high-level” protection is in line with our information.

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