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We just received this important information from one of our readers regarding USI-TECH:

ActionFraud UK has already received 37 complaints about USI-TECH. ActionFraud needs 50 complaints in order to investigate USI-TECH. So please file a complaint at the competent  https://www.actionfraud.police.uk.

We are happy to support this call for action and join in: Pls, in case you suffered losses with USI-Tech and you are a UK citizen pls file with the stated address at the British Fraud Agency. 

It should not be that difficult to find 13 more defrauded USI-TECH investors/customers!

In case you are a German citizen pls file with one of the offices of the German Police.

In case you are an Austrian citizen pls send an email to:  [email protected]

  1. John says:

    I invested $1000 and was told that after a year you will be able to withdraw your money but there is nil money i9n my account atleast I should be able to get my investment but oit look that it was fraud all the way.

  2. aj says:

    We invested or thought it would be ok and added $23,000
    Under a friend
    We did have more in but as mine started to grow I pulled out some of my outlay to make sure I had something back
    My partner was going to do the same
    Then just see what happened
    As the lady above me an old school friend was pulling $90,000 Every few weeks
    She definatley got her $$$ back and more
    I had waited six months to see it working before adding the big $$
    She kept telling me how good it was
    Then I saw she really was doing ok
    Should have started fast and big would have had our money back
    However if I had the $$ I would have given it to the people that lost their money not kept it and hidden
    As I feel guilty for the five people that came in under me
    They put in $1000 to $2000 each that I know of
    Wish I could get them their money back
    As of today there is no way you can even get into the web page as they have pulled it down
    Not happy
    Would have been ok if we could all just get our initial $$ back and those above us have to repay the people below them in their teams what the pulled out above what they put in
    So if they put in $1000 dollars and took out $5000
    The should pay the ones u der them that never got their money out and or back

    The lady above me and the guy next to her he pulled $90,000 a day or something
    He should pay back all he pulled in
    Back account shows $$$ in
    Make them all return it so forth up the line higher than him
    Sell what they bought and pay everyone back
    Turn the ponzi upside down
    Again if it was me
    I would as guilt gets the better of me
    I didn’t understand ponzi till this all happened
    Well those at the top should pays us back
    It’s all tracable

  3. Dawna King says:

    I also invested in August of 2017 and brought on two other investors. I have screenshots of past balances and emails to support that I invested in USI Tech.

  4. Susan M Schaber says:

    I invested many thousands thinking I would recapture my investment within a year. I am still hoping some how some way I will see my initial investment returned or are these men evil to the core? GOD help them.

  5. Daphanie Hills says:

    This is damaging in so many ways. How could people be so cruel? I bought two packages December 2017. I requested withdrawal several times but the email never comes. I have been thinking it was me until today. If you need to change your usi tech password you will get that email no problem. Also, you can never see any dollar balance information either.

  6. Mark Schneider says:

    Who were the founders/owners behind the scam? Name and shame them – and take away their proceeds of crime and lock them up!

  7. Barrington Bogle Jr says:

    I invested $2,000 USD and my girlfriend invested $1,000. The website and company just up and disappeared. US Resident

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