UK regulator issues warning against StatusMarkets scam!

FCA warns against StatusMarkets broker scam
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FinTelegram has warned against the StatusMarkets scam several times already. The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) confirmed the scam status and issued an investor warning today. The world would be better without the Status Markets broker scam and the fraudulent idiots who run it. The Marshall Islands-registered MarCo Global Projects Ltd allegedly operates the scam. In our today’s review, we found Neobanq, PayTechno, BetaTransfer, and SecurePaymentGateway as the facilitating payment processors.

The scam broker Status Markets was active via the domains www.statusmarkets.com and www.status-mark.com. This one was a poorly made and easily recognizable white-label scam. Nevertheless, many victims apparently fell for it and were lured by the fraudulent campaigns. Please, dear people, turn on your brains and don’t let yourselves be guided by blind greed. No one can help you if you lose money on these easily recognizable scams. We have issued warnings against the Status Markets scam several times (reports here).

If you have any information about the StatusMarkets scam or its operators and facilitators, we would be glad if you decide to share it with us.

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