Urgent Warning Against Funds Recovery Scam Coin Refunds!

Urgend warning against Coin Refunds fund recovery scam
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Fund recovery scams are the worst rip-off. They target victims who have already been harmed and use their desperation to harm them again. They offer to recover the lost money. However, you have to pay a deposit first, maybe even several. Most of the time, this is pointless, especially in the crypto sector. One such fund recovery scam is Coin Refunds. The website provides no information about the operators, and links to social media channels are missing. Stay far away.

Key Data

Trading nameCoin Refunds
Business activitiesFund recovery
Social medianot exposed
Legal entitiesnot exposed
JurisdictionsCalifornia, United States
Contact data+1 352 7577118
[email protected]
Trustpilot4.2-star rating with a “Great” trust level
Related individualsWalter White
Sarah Jhonson
William Anderson
Amanda Jepson
Compliance ratingBlack

Short Narrative

Like many other scammers, Coin Refunds works with fake Trustpilot reviews. With these fake reviews, the scam creates a 4.2-star rating with a corresponding “Great” trust level. However, most of the 5-star reviews are written by fake reviewers.

The website lists four individuals in the scam who do not exist in real life. Information about the legal entity behind Coin Refunds is also missing. It was, therefore, very easy to put Coin Refunds on our black compliance list and issue an urgent warning against this fund recovery scam.

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If you have any information about Coin Refunds or experience with the scheme, please let us know via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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