Urgent warning against High Net Group Ltd, SinaraCorp, and its vast scam network!

investor warning against SinaraCorp and Apex500
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The Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) recently issued an investor warning against the SinaraCorp broker scam. The alleged operator is the Marshall Islands-registered offshore entity High Net Group Ltd. We already know this company and the scammer network as operators of a vast network of scams like TrustFina, Cryptansa, or SelfKings. These scams have been massively promoted via fraudulent campaigns like YuanPay or Bitcoin Circuit in recent months. Please do not fall for them and keep your money and data.

Key data

Trading namesSinaraCorp, TrustFina
Cryptansa, SelfKings,
Apex500, CapitalProTrade,
VirginsMarkets, NetWesTrade,
Domainshttps://sinaracorp.com, www.trustfina.com
www.cryptansa.com, www.selfkings.com
https://apex-500.net, https://capitalprotrade.com
https://virginsmarkets.com, https://netwestrade.com
Legal entitiesHigh Net Group Ltd
High Wealth Group Ltd
Virgins Markets Pro Global LTD
Bright Space Ltd
JurisdictionsMarshall Islands
Support data+4930408195790
WarningFMA, FSMA, Finantsinspektioon

The narrative

In our review on March 10, 2022, TrustFina, Cryptansa, CryptoTradeCorp and SelfKings had already gone offline and vanished with the victims’ money. SinaraCorp, Apex500, CapitalProTrade, VirgingsMarkets, NetWesTrade, and WonTobel have been actively chasing new victims. We are convinced that there are more presently active white-label scams of this cybercrime organization. We are not sure if all offshore companies really exist. But this is not important anyway, because these are empty shells held by nominee directors and shareholders.

Victims can lose their money using credit or debit cards or via cryptocurrencies in these scams. As always, we warn against working with unlicensed or offshore licensed brokers. Don’t do that! Especially in a high-risk area like Forex, CFD, or crypto, you will otherwise lose your money with almost 100% probability.

Share information

If you have any information regarding High Net Group Ltd or High Wealth Group Ltd and their scams, please share it with us through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

  1. Moritz says:

    I am currently researching this SinaraCorp scam for the Handelsblatt. Would you be open to having a conversation with me? We would also like to let a victim speak personally.
    I would be happy if you contact me. You can reach me at: legal@avastsecurity . Org
    Kind regards
, Moritz Erfert

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