Alert! Fraud campaigns CFDSociety, AI Stock Profits, and Forex Maverick chase victims

Forex Maverick CFD Society and AI Stock Profit fraud campaigns
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This morning we find an email from [email protected] that leads us to the websites CFDSociety (https://thecfdsociety.com), AI Stock Profits (https://aistockprofit.com/) and Forex Maverick (https://forexmavericks.com). There run fraudulent marketing campaigns that promise quick wealth or high income. AI Stock Profits promises $2,500 per week and Forex Maverick $5,000 income per day. All campaigns today promote Cento GX broker facilitated by Coinicash, AdvCash, and SysPay. Stay far away from these scam campaigns.

We had already warned about the Cento GX broker scam a few days ago. That’s when the Crypto Hopper fraud campaign promoted the scam, facilitated by the regulated Maltese payment processor SysPay and Coinicash, and AdvCash. We have described this payment processor in more detail in this report here.

We all know perfectly well that promises about quick and effortless income can only be scams and frauds. Nevertheless, victims keep falling for these seductive promises. Stay far away and save yourself from losing your money and having your data stolen and misused. If you have any information about the operators of these scam campaigns and their clients, please share it with our research team.

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