Another update on the GetFinancial Case with some more brands and names!

German police arrested GetFinancial scammers in Israel
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Yes, it’s true. The GetFinancial scam wasn’t the biggest scam of the cybercrime organization that German, Austrian and Israeli law enforcement cracked down on this week. Nevertheless, we call it the GetFinancial Case. During a law enforcement day in Tel Aviv, 20 people were temporarily detained and questioned. Four individuals are reported to remain in custody and be extradited to Germany. In connection with this cybercrime organization, the name of Israeli lawyer David Bar-El is repeatedly mentioned. Another update with more names related to the GetFinancial Case.

Scams and some operators

The organization ran the scams GetFinancial, IntegraOption, SolidCFD, TradeSolid, BitCapitalMarkets, MyCoinbanking, ProCapitalmarkets, Profitstrade, Acceptrade, and Gainfintech using the platforms SpotOption and Tradologic. The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) updated its 2018-warning against GetFinancial in June 2021. It was operated via legal entities across different jurisdictions:

GetFinancialKobi Gover
Sharon Hazan
Alex Raber
Get Financial Markets Ltd, SVG;
Astroro Investments Limited, Cyprus; the Cyprus law firm Playbell & Co Services Ltd with the lawyer Varnavas Playbell is registered as a director;
Get Media Services Ltd, UK;
(report here)
Kobi Gover
Nadav Gover
Chen Malka
G.M. Marketing Group Ltd, Marshall Islands;
G.M. Software Solutions Ltd, United Kingdom;
MGCN Marketing Ltd, Cyprus;
(report here)
Kobi Gover
Nadav Gover
Chen Malka
C.G Capital Investments Limited;
(report here)
ProfitsTrade Ltd, Commonwealth of Dominica;

Domains and emails

GetFinancial emails with SolidCFD scam to David Bar-El

The email address [email protected] is connected to 93 domains as of today. Among them are the domains www.getfinancial2.com and www.keynewdata.com. With these two domains, the boiler room employees of the various scams of the so-called GetFinancial network have communicated with their victims and supporters. For example, in connection with the SolidCFD (www.solidcfd.com) scam, emails were written to Israeli lawyer David Bar-El (screenshot left).

This Pavel K. ([email protected]) used to be one of the financial guys of Gery Shalon, while David Bar-El is the latter’s brother-in-law. Kobi G. is the Israeli Kobi Gover, who is also associated with to TradeSolid and IntegraOption scams.

Payment instructions GetFinancial with Get Media Services and Mister Tango

Payment Processors

GetFinancial has used numerous illegal payment processors but also regulated financial institutions to process and launder victim funds. For example, Basso Energy GmbH or Get Media Services Ltd via Secure Nordic Payments (formerly Mister Tango) in Lithuania.

In addition to FIAT deposits via credit and debit cards, the GetFinancial scam has also asked its victims for deposits in cryptocurrencies.

Back in February 2019, FinTelegram warned about GetFinancial and published a Request 4 Information. At that time, an insider sent us lists of victims’ transactions. We forwarded the data we received to the relevant authorities. Whether and to what extent this contributed to law enforcement acts, we do not know for sure.

To be continued! Stay tuned for updates!

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