Attention: Belgian Regulator Issues Fraud Warning Against 38 Unauthorized Brokers!

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The Belgian regulator Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) has identified 38 online trading platforms operating without the necessary licenses in the country. The list includes various forex, CFD, and crypto brokers. The FSMA points out that these unlicensed trading platforms employ deceptive tactics such as scam advertisements on social media. They lure unsuspecting individuals with promises of quick wealth and above-average returns.

In its warning, FSMA cautioned that these platforms engage in aggressive practices. They frequently assert that they possess authorization from a fake regulator, strategically showcasing it to create an illusion of trustworthiness. In addition, scammers go to great lengths to persuade victims to grant remote access to their computers, enabling them to carry out unauthorized money transfers. These fraudsters also employ techniques to convince victims to invest more money. This manipulative strategy aims to extract even more funds from unsuspecting individuals.

The FSMA strongly advises against responding to any offers of financial services made by the following new trading platforms:

  • Assets-Access (https://www.assets-accessltd.com; https://asset-access.com/)
  • A-trade International (https://atrintl.com/)
  • BingX (https://bingx.com/en-us/; https://bingsaub.com/)
  • Bitelitgroup (https://bitelitgroup.com/; https://bitelitgrp.com/)
  • Bitradercode (https://bitradercode.com/)
  • Common Investments (https://commoninvestments.co/)
  • Comovest (https://comovest.com/)
  • DBSINVESTING (https://dbsinvesting.com/)
  • ECB crypto (https://ecbcrypto.com/)
  • Enduring Markets (https://enduring-markets.com/)
  • Erzinex (https://www.erzinex.com/)
  • Finextrader (https://finextrader.com/)
  • Fivoro (https://fivoro.com/)
  • GlobalX (https://globalx.company/)
  • Intelligence Prime Capital (http://www.intelligenceprimecapital.com/)
  • Invest Dominate Group (https://invest-dg.com/)
  • Invest Ehub (https://invest-ehub.com/)
  • Ip-t.trade (https://ip-t.trade/)
  • Keller Finance (https://www.kellerfin.com/)
  • Librapros (https://www.librapros.com/)
  • Linitybase (https://linitybase.com/; https://linitybase.info/)
  • MIT-IC (https://www.mit-ic.com; https://www.mit-ic.net/)
  • Nextonbid (https://nextonbid.com/)
  • Pocket Option (https://pocketoption.com/en; https://po.trade/en; https://pocketoption.app/)
  • Polar BTC (https://www.polarbtc.com/)
  • PrimeOlympicPro (https://primeolympicpro.com/)
  • Priority-Trading (https://priority-trading.com/)
  • Sallix Capital (https://sallixcapital.com/)
  • Seastock-24 (https://seastock24.com/)
  • SolidusX (https://solidusx.com/)
  • Spotinvest (https://www.spotinvest.com/)
  • Stockswide (https://stockswide.com/)
  • SwissFxBank (http://swissfxbank.com/; https://www.swissfxbank.live/)
  • T4trade (https://www.t4trade.com/)
  • Topologyfis (https://topologyfis.com/en/)
  • Torocoin (https://torocoin.io/; https://toroc.io/)
  • Torrocapital (https://torrocapital.com/)
  • Winvestock (https://winvestock.com/; https://winvestock.net/)

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