ATTENTION: Cointed Complaints – Server Down, No Payouts and No Support?

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Cointed Let’s start (again) with a thank you to our readers and whistleblowers. As announced on our site, we launched a Cointed investigation just recently because of rumors about problems with payouts and support. Some whistleblowers reported that they have been informed by Cointed (Mr. Orlov) via Email on January 26, 2018, that the mining servers will be shut down for 3 to 4 weeks and hence no payouts will be made for this period.

We learned from a mining investor that the Cointed mining servers obviously are still down and no weekly payouts are made to mining investors. We reached to to Cointed but a request for information sent has not yet been answered.

As reported just recently, Cointed’s crypto-mining business is questionable as it seems to be that the business actually is owned by another company – Crypto Unity OG (read this post). Moreover, on Cointed’s website, the mining business seems not exist today but launch sometime in the future (Q1 2018) whereas customer could order crypto-mining packages from Crypto Unity OG’s website (www.cryptounity.at) just until recently. The website was taken offline a few days ago.

Who, actually, is offering the Cointed mining business? A lot of open questions resulting in a lot of red flags for investors. We keep on investigating.

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