Nexus Global, 8Crypt, and Veltyco – The Next “Big MLM Structure” Ante Portas

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We have already reported about Nexus Global, the next “big MLM thing” promoted by Christian Michel SCHEIBENER and his friends. SCHEIBENER was one of the founders of the Crypto-MLM system OMNIA. The new Nexus Global project (see here Facebook Group with more than 31,000 members) is obviously performed in cooperation with Veltyco, Cointed, and their people. Why we came to this conclusion? Well, that’s easy to explain.

Firstly, we received messages and comments from an insider informing us that Nexus Global’s announced “Crypto MultiWallet” will be developed in cooperation with Cointed. We do have name and email address of this insider and have good reason to believe that these are valid pieces of information.

Secondly, from the graphics above, for example, you can see that the domain www.8crypt.com is the website of the provider of the “Crypto MultiWallet” hyped by Nexus Global. Under the domain www.8crypt.de, you discover the Nexus Global site waiting to receive investors. If you take a closer look at these two websites you will recognize that they have the very same menus and even the same text modules. It’s amusing to see that these two sites are a “copy and paste” work.

8crypt business model
The Nexus Global Business Model

Take a look at the screenshots above: we may draw your attention to the menu item “Business Model“. I am sure you recognize the mistake on the “www.8crypt.de” site – “we has a business model …“. Well, that’s the obvious result of the replacement of “8crypt has a business model …” with the Nexus Global phrase. That’s by the way the only piece that can be called funny.

8Crypt is a part of UK-based Veltyco Group around Uwe LENHOFF (see press release). Nexus Global seems to be a new MLM channel to get money from investors. As Veltyco is a public-listed company we find it strange that such important projects are not disclosed to shareholders and the public. But the Veltyco people may have there reasons, I guess.


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