Attention – Do not fall for the OctaTrade broker scam

investor warning against OctaTrade scam
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An email leads us via referral hub Ristifig (www.ristifig.com) to the fraudulent Tesler campaign running on the https://gstxzoghjn.xyz/tesler-3/ website. Anyone who registers there is also automatically created as a potential victim of the broker scam Octa.Trade (www.octa.trade) and redirected to its payment page. There, one is asked to contact the account manager to make deposits via credit or debit card. Octa.Trade is a very poorly and sloppily made white-label scam that should be easily recognizable.

No information about the operator of the scam is given on the website. Octa.Trade has increasingly come to our attention in recent days in connection with fraudulent marketing and affiliate campaigns such as Tesler. Stay far away from it and enjoy the summer with your money and without frustration.

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