BitQT fraud campaign promotes Finexo broker scam

Finexo Broker Scam promoted by BitQT fraud campaign
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Jason Vogel ([email protected]) writes us a confidential email today and shares his secret about making money fast. All we have to do is register at this link, and “the money rolls in.” Nice isn’t it? Jason Vogel writes us several of these emails every day. A busy scammer and spammer. The link in today’s email takes us to the BitQT fraud campaign running on Electlinks (https://electlinks.biz/bitqt/) on Quality Unit LLC‘s PostaffiliatePro platform. After registering with BitQT, we are taken through The Bitcoin Revolution (https://the-bitcoin-revolution-deapp.com/funds), where we are urged to deposit into our crypto trading account. Then we finally end up at the Finexo (www.finexo.io) broker scam. What a journey!

As usual with these scam campaigns, when we registered with BitQT, we were also immediately created as a victim with Finexo and therefore also land on the scam’s payment page right away. There we find the PayBox cashier. However, no payment processors were active behind the cashier in our review today. Hence, we could not deposit any funds. Once again a non-functioning scam. But within a few minutes, we received an email from Finexo‘s financial director, who wanted to talk to us. Nice, isn’t it?

STRAT Ltd, registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, allegedly runs the Finexo scam says the website. On it, Finexo presents itself as an “over-the-counter derivatives issuer.” The transactions would be executed on a principal to principal basis and would not be cleared through an exchange. Of course not! No scam goes through the exchange as there are no real transactions.

Would you mind not falling for fraudulent campaigns like BitQT and the scams they promote like Finexo? You will save yourself losses, frustrations, and misuse of your data.

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