BREAKING NEWS: Bulgarian Boiler Room Operator E&G Finances Vanished

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If there is such a thing as a center of the evil of online fraud, then it was (or is) certainly the Bulgarian company E&G Finances or its sister company E&G Bulgaria. Both companies are controlled by the Israeli scam artist Gal BARAK and his partner Marina ANDREEVA. Since a few days, E&G Finances have disappeared from the web. The websites are offline and their Facebook pages are deleted without traces.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Not only vanished the Bulgarian boiler room operators E&G Finances but also their people. There is a new site under the domain eandgbulgaria.com but the old team is gone. E&G Bulgaria shows up on LinkedIn and on the web without the old managers. Fortunately, there are still some people left from the old team such as the Israeli boiler room manager Kfir LEVY.

Marina ANDREEVA, for example, cleaned her LinkedIn profile and deleted any evidence that she ever worked for E&G Finances. Officially, she is now living and working in Ukraine. Well, this looks sort of desperate. Do those guys around Gal BARAK, Marina ANDREEVA and Kfir LEVY really think they can get away with their fraud schemes? Obviously!

The Final Countdown

It may be a coincidence that the disappearance of E&G Finances or E&G Bulgaria coincides with the launch of the EFRI Funds Recovery campaign. We don’t think so. Rather, we think that the operators of the fraud systems behind the illegal broker platforms such as SafeMarkets, Golden Markets, XTraderFX or Binex have simply become too hot. Consequently, they try to disappear into anonymity. FinTelegram will, therefore, intensify its research in cooperation with the competent authorities and lawyers.

Wanted – Report Your Findings

If you are a victim of the illegally operating broker platforms powered by E&G Bulgaria and/or E&G Finances or any other online broker site please file your claim with the European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI):

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