Crypto Ponzi Scheme DagCoing: Dutch Office Raids & More Names Of The Arrested Revealed!

Dutch FIUD raided Success Factory offices in DagCoin investigations
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A few weeks ago, FinTelegram reported that the Estonian police arrested four executives of DagCoin, a sort of successor scheme to OneCoin. The arrested are DagCoin founder Nils Grossberg and Kris Ress (aka Kristjan Ress). behindMLM reports that the other two men are Gustav Poola and Gilbert Pardla.The men are charged with the operation of the crypto Ponzi scheme DagCoins. The Dutch FIOD raided offices of Success Factory, part of the DagCoin scheme, in Amsterdam.

DagCoin and Success Factory websites are still online, offering their allegedly fraudulent products. This is a bit strange. Success Factory has also been increasingly selling its Forex Insiders product to MLM members recently.

The OneCoins Successor Scheme

Essentially, the DagCoin scheme was designed like the infamous OneCoin of crypto queen Ruja Ignatova and was sold through a multi-level marketing system. According to behindMLM, Nils Grossberg was a high-ranking OneCoin member before he left to establish DagCoin.

The DagCoin scheme was promoted via Success Factory, an MLM marketing agency founded by the high-ranking Dutch OneCoin promotors Igor Alberts and his ex-wife and business partner Andreea Cimbala.

Gustav Poola used to be the CEO of Levercode, which Grossberg created to handle the IT side of DagCoin and Success Factory. The company continues its operation from Poland, behindMLM reports.

The Dutch Raid

The FD revealed that the FIOD raided the Amsterdam offices of Success Factory. online marketing company two weeks ago, looking for information about DagCoin. According to an FD report, Igor Alberts and his ex-wife, Andreea Cimbala, left the company recently. They deny any involvement in their daily operation. Igor Alberts also says that he does not receive any answers.

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