Daily Affiliate Warning – FinTechNewz fake article promotes Richmond Super scam

investor warning richmond super broker scam
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The fraudulent affiliate cam is conducted in multiple languages, even for smaller language areas like Slovenian. Today, a fake article on FinTechNewz first takes us further to Offer Use and the Bitcoin Era campaign (https://offer-use.com/bitcoin-era). From there, we go to the Richmond Super (www.richmondsuper.com) broker scam via the website www.magazinenews2000.com. Neither the website nor the emails outline the operators of the scam. Please stay away from these fraudulent campaigns and their scams.

The pandemic period with its home office and social distancing approach has helped online business and online investing to boom. Unfortunately, cybercrime organizations take advantage of this and come out with a tsunami of scams and fraudulent affiliate campaigns.

Please stay far away from these scams and campaigns. Report us if you discover a scam or fraudulent campaign.

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