Daily Affiliate Warning – Fraudulent BitQT campaign chases victims for Global Base broker scam

Fraudulent BitQT campaigns promotes Global Base crypto scam
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Today, an email that actually promises us news from the car industry leads us to the fraudulent BitQT campaign. This time it appears on the website Digital Souce (www.digitalsouce.com/bitqt). After registering, one is redirected to the payment page of the crypto broker scams Global Base (www.globalbase.io). The scam is allegedly operated by Star MKT Ltd, registered in Seychelles. Victims can lose their money on the scam via credit card payments.

Star MKT Ltd presents itself as a digital agency on its website (www.star-mkt.com). So please do not fall for these fraudulent Bitcoin campaigns like BtiQT, Bitcoin Circuit, or Bitcoin Code and the scams they are chasing the victims for. If you have any information about fraudulent campaigns, scams, or the cybercriminals behind them, we would be happy if you share it with us.

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