Daily Marketing Alert – Bitcoin Prime promotes FinancialGuide scam

Financail Guide trading academy scam promoted by Bitcoin Prime campaign
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Today the fraudulent Bitcoin Prime marketing campaign is running on the unpronounceable website Gmxzxwbp (https://gmxzxwbp.xyz/bitcoin-prime). This campaign promises that by riding the Bitcoin wave with them, we are guaranteed to earn €13,000 within 24 hours. Those who register there with their email and phone number will be redirected to the scam site FinancialGuide (www.financialguide.co). This website presents itself as a day trading academy. We are informed that a call center agent (a/k/a boiler room agent) will contact us soon. Please do not fall for this scam.

The sole purpose of the FinancialGuide scam is to sell the potential victims “Educational Programs” available from €250 to €2,500. Moreover, victims are then referred to scam brokers where they can lose even more money. Finally, the victims’ data are stolen and misappropriated.

On the FinancialGuide website, there is no operator company listed, there is no social media presence, and no indication of the responsible persons. Stay far away from this scam, or you will lose your money and your data!

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