R4I – Israeli Tigloo provides scam-facilitating services to scams and CySEC CIFs

Israeli Tigloo facilitates fraud campaigns for scammers and regulated CySEC investment firms
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There is a new article with updates on Tigloo here. Upon our initial report, the company took action to prevent fraud. We very much appreciate the quick response and actions set by Tigloo. In addition, we have been informed that Tigloo implemented an abuse report email on its contact page, which is also a useful step in the fight against cybercrime and fraud campaigns.

In recent weeks, dozens of fraudulent marketing campaigns have been made around Bitcoins. We will only mention Bitcoin Prime, Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Champion, or Bitcoin Circuit. These fraudulent campaigns had the sole purpose of catching victims for scams and illegally operating regulated CySEC brokers. One of the companies through which these fraudulent campaigns have been facilitated is Tigloo (www.tigloo.io) in Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel. For example, today, the Bitcoin Prime campaign is running through the Kalite Network platform made by Tigloo.

We do have a rather long list of CySEC companies using fraudulent campaigns to chase clients with illegal and fraudulent methods. Anyone who is directed today via an email to the Bitcoin Prime campaign on the unpronounceable website Gmxzxwbp (https://gmxzxwbp.xyz/bitcoin-prime) is then led to a broker scam via the Kalite Network traffic hub (https://platform.kalitenet.com). This platform is operated by the Israeli company Tigloo (www.tigloo.io), specializing in traffic management. In plain language, Tigloo offers traffic hub services to scam operators as well as illegally acting CySEC investment firms and thus facilitates their fraudulent activities.

One of Tigloo partners is PandaTS, the Israeli white-label broker hub operator of Maor Lahav, through which dozens of scams are operated, attacking victims in North America, Asia, and Europe. another one is Leverate, a CySEC-regulated investment firm.

Tigloo presents itself as “Tigloo Online Technologies” and has links to 20 profiles of employees on its LinkedIn profile.

We would like to know more about Tigloo and its activities. If you have any information in this regard, we would be grateful if you could share it with us.

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  1. Ittai says:

    You have issued an article which is completely slender about our company.
    our company is developing a software similar to Google Analytics, Tune, Affise and more.
    we specialize in traffic tracking for all verticals and in no way responsible for the content of our clients.
    we work with Cloudflare and AWS and respond within 20 min for each and every abuse.
    we remove fraudulent content once our system recognizes it.
    please remove this article and remove our name, disassociate us since Kalite is only one out of 200 clients we have across all marketing verticals.

    1. Ben Givon says:

      Hi there, we already answered your complaint via email. Please have a look at it. We confirm the receipt of your complaint and would like to comment as follows:

      Our research team found that the Kalite Network is used to facilitate fraud marketing campaign such as Bitcoin Prime;

      1. Until at least yesterday, the Kalite Network website (https://platform.kalitenet.com) stated that it is supported and operated by Tigloo, two email addresses [email protected] and [email protected] are provided proving that Tigloo is the operator;
      2. either Tigloo or its clients are running fraud campaigns via Kalite Network
      3. If Tigloo clients are running these campaigns, your company and/or your tools facilitate them. This is what our article says.
      4. We also found other fraud campaigns that used Kalite Network
      5. There is no doubt that Bitcoin Profit and similar campaigns are fraudulent campaigns that lead consumers and naïve investors into scams. Thousands of consumers in Europe lost their money with these fraud campaigns

      There is nothing wrong with the article. We have not claimed that you are scammers or fraudsters. However, we said that you are facilitating these fraud campaigns, which is true and we have the necessary screenshots and data to prove it. There is no defamation involved.

      We would appreciate further information to provide our readers with the bigger picture.

      1. Ittai says:


        This is exactly what your article stated.

        We do not operate or facilitate scam and we immediately remove any complaint reported by external vendors (such as AWS, Cludflare and Netcraft).
        We have sent a cease and desist to Kalite (we can provide you with the letter if needed).

        Usually we are contacted regarding our clients and we take the necessary action if needed.
        You havent contacted us, and we also ran a check on Kalite Platform and they informed us that the link provided in the article is not related to them in any means. (we suspended our services for them until further investigation)

        The details you wrote in the article regarding contacts, is to contact us on Technical issue (exactly like other SAAS provider).
        We are more than willing to provide a demo regarding our technology since we are a legit tech company and in no way affiliated with our clients business.

        Our business model is a monthly subscription like any other SAAS and we can provide you with proofs on how we deal with abuses and reports.

        We are willing to cooperate on any means necessary but as of now your article is affecting our reputation as a company (which took over 3 years to build) – please take it down ASAP until further investigation is made by you / your team (again, we are willing to help on any means necessary).


        1. Ben Givon says:

          Thank you for your statement. We published an update on the termination of your services for the Kalite Network and the Bitcoin Prime fraud campaign. It is much appreciated. These fraud campaigns have reached a pandemic scale and brutally attack consumers and retail investors in Europe. They create a never-ending stream of victims of scams and CySEC-registered investment firms. These marketing campaigns and their creators and operators are at least as guilty as the scammers and their co-conspirators.

          If Tigloo offers services to clients like the one that operated Kalite Network, it should provide the additional information to be able to go against them legally.

          1. Ittai says:


            Thanks a lot for the new article!!!!
            If there is a change you can edit this article or maybe update it with a link to the new one? (just trying to mitigate the brand awarness poisitive response)

            Following your advise – we added to our website the option to report an abuse in our contact us section.

            P.S – with your permissions, we would like to to post the new article on our linkidin business page.

          2. Ben Givon says:

            Hi there, sure. Feel free to post the new article. We added a link in to the initial article to the new one.

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