DDOS Attacks – A Danger For Investors And Society

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The world is becoming increasingly virtual. We all know that. We all live that. Last but not least, Donald Trump’s presidency has demonstrated the power of Facebook & Co to us. Who cares about facts? It was the current U.S. president who coined the term of alternative facts and stands for fake news like no other. The FBI is still investigating the accusation that Russian hackers cracked the Democrats and Hillary Clinton and manipulated the U.S. voters via Facebook in favor of Trump. The reality today is made online, through the Internet and the social media.

DDOS – Reality Manipulation At Work

In this respect, it is not surprising that the business battles are also being fought online today. Unwelcome opponents and media websites are quickly harassed with DDOS attacks and their websites are made inaccessible to the public. This can also have longer-term effects on the business because the website may then be ranked back in the Google search results, for example. In this respect DDOS attacks not only damage the victims but are also a kind of manipulation of the media public and perception of reality.

A few months ago, FinTelegram was itself the victim of a massive DDOS attack that made our websites hardly accessible for two weeks. Consequently, we had to rethink our hosting environment and change our entire configuration of servers and websites. The good news here was that we have learned a lesson: we have to live with this threat and have to address it.

Attack On CryptoVest

We have learned that CryptoVest (www.cryptovest.com), an online media site focused on crypto, has also been suffering from severe DDOS attacks for weeks now. The site is therefore difficult to access and presents visitors with error messages on an ongoing basis. CryptoVest obviously has some competitors who either don’t like the overall coverage and/or articles on the site or have problems with the people behind it. We talked to Chief Editor of CryptoVest, Hunain Naseer, and received the following statement.

We have a reputation for honest, transparent and objective journalism. Not only have we reported several possible scams (ICOs and such) to authorities in the past, we have turned down numerous advertising offers from projects which did not pass our due diligence process.

These bad actors are clearly opposed to everything we stand for. We have reported these DDOS attacks to several local and international authorities, including the U.S FBI and would appreciate support in the fight against suppression of freedom of speech and journalism.

Hunain Naseer – CryptoVest Chief Editor

We couldn’t agree more with Hunain regardless of CryptoVest’s strategy and content. It’s a fundamental issue for the industry. DDOS attacks as a means of fighting content, reviews, and opposing opinions are simple not acceptable.

DDOS attacks by competitors and opponents have become an integral part of strategic and operational management. Managers must be aware that their online business and reputation could be threatened by a DDOS attack at any time and take appropriate precautions. DDOS attacks are regularly associated with explicit or implicit demands and thus also blackmailing from a legal point of view. Of course, the punishments are imprisonment and fines, but to deliver evidence is often very difficult.

FinTelegram Goes Against DDOS

FinTelegram’s mission is to protect investors in the online sector in the best possible way. By informing and educating investors and exposing fraudulent schemes. In addition, the detection of criminal organizations using DDOS and other methods to manipulate the public in general and investors in particular also belongs to our targets. People who prevent critical reports and critical media from being read by investors are the natural enemies of investor protection.

The organizers of DDOS attacks are people who can manipulate the public web and direct traffic to specific sites. While DDOS attacks paralyze disagreeable (from the point of the fraudsters´view) websites and competitors, naive investors and customers are directed to fraudulent websites and in many cases get ripped off there. In this respect, education about DDOS is a very important contribution to the protection of investors in the online sector. FinTelegram now devotes increased attention to this aspect.

Report DDOS Attacks

We are grateful for useful hints on DDOS attacks and attackers. These can be reported via our whistleblower system here:

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